Team insurance: what is it and when is it mandatory?

Whatever your work activity, there are often some risks that you have to face. It could be related to workplace security, a moneywise risk or the probablility of creating treats to another person. When a claim is mandatory in the course of your profession, the compensation can ruin your business or expose you to a dismissal. To do this, there are group insurance options, some of which are necessary.

The details.

What is professional insurance?

As its label shows up, professional insurance is a safe zone against the risks to which the property and the agents under the responsibility of the client can be exposed. Subscription to a professional insurance contract is necessary. Thus, a professional must at the minimum have signed up a civil liability insurance policy. This is the minimum trust that covers the physical injury or object damage caused to a third party by the client, his employees or the goods under his responsibility. There are also other guarantees that it can subscribe such as fire insurance, insurance in case of water damage, theft insurance, insurance breakage ice or insurance loan. Most of these contracts can be fusionned around a single contract, this is known as a multi-risk insurance contract.

Compulsory collective insurance: for whom?

To subscribe a collective liability insurance contract is mandatory for all the workers who have a regulated professional activity. This is particularly true for health professionals, accountants, building professionals, legal professionals and insurance brokers. There are other guarantees that may also be obigatory or basically recommended depending on the area in which you work. The choice of guarantees to be signed up out under professional insurance depends according to the niche of check here the company. If a claim occurs, the insurances are not obvious but depend on the contents of the contract policy. Also, it is mandatory to read the global conditions as well as the special conditions of your professional insurance contract. You also need to take stock of the risks to which you may be exposed in the course of your activities.


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Professional insurance what is it and when is it compulsory

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